Visiting Avila

(Avila, Spain)

Birthplace of the revered Saint Teresa of Jesus, who was highly regarded for her mystical visions and theological writings, Avila is a city rich in history and culture and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Standing against the majestic Sierra de Avila and surrounded by massive stone walls that date back to the 11th and 12th centuries, Avila is an excellent day trip or overnight destination for visitors to beautiful Spain.

Visiting Avila: Places to Visit

  • Stroll around the impressive city walls, which date back to between the 11th and 12th centuries and stretch for 1.5 miles around the city
  • Visit St. Vincente's Basilica, reputedly built on the site of the martyrdom of St. Vincente and his two sisters
  • Join in the festivities during St. Teresa's Week (La Semana de Santa Teresa), the city's primary festival
  • Witness stunning panoramic view from The Four Posts (Los Cuatro Postes), one of the most spectacular views of the region
  • Take a guided tour through the city and gain a new perspective on its rich history
  • Explore the massive and impressive Avila Cathedral, one of the city's most popular landmarks
  • Learn about the culture and history of Avila at the Palace of the Deanes (Palacio de los Deanes), home of the Avila Provincial Museum
  • Witness the procession during Holy Week (Semana Santa), when sculptures representing the Passion of the Christ are paraded through the streets
  • Experience The Royal Monastery of St. Thomas (El Monastario de Santo Tomás), the final resting place of the infamous Friar Thomas Torquemada
  • Immerse yourself in sports, art and theatre during the annual Outdoor Festival

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