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Although Avila is fairly small, being home to just over 30,000 inhabitants, Avila is famous throughout Spain and has gained city status. With a compact city centre and many popular attractions within easy walking distance of each other, Avila is an appealing tourist destination, just 113 km / 70 miles from Madrid, the capital of Spain.

Avila Orientation: Layout and Directions

Slightly to the west of central Spain, the city of Avila is perched along a scenic ridge and faces the Sierra de Avila Mountains. With a fairly elevated position, Avila is known for its mild winters and cool summers, making it popular with both visitors and locals from all over the country. Surrounded by a number of main highways and featuring a good rail network, Avila is well connected to the rest of Spain and easy to reach from Bilbao, Malaga, Salamanca and Santander, amongst other locations.

Standing on the northern side of Avila, the RENFRE station is a popular gateway into the city, while to the east, along the city's Avenida de Madrid, the Four Posts area is famed for its superb views. Much of the historic district of Avila is easy to walk around, particularly along the ancient city walls, with the Cathedral of Avila providing a useful point of reference.

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