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(Avila, Spain)

Like most small tourist towns, Avila has a good selection of souvenir shopping. Much of the curios on display here relate to the town's history or that of its most famous daughter, Santa Teresa.

Shopping: Where to Shop in Avila

Try the gift shop at the Provincial Museum, located at the Palace of the Deanes for assorted knick knacks.

The real treats for shoppers in Avila can be found at the city's regular open-air food markets, especially on Tuesday, where everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to live pigs are on display.

Just to the southwest of the city, the town of El Barco de Avila holds a regular market every Monday from 09:00 to 15:00. Here you can find the unique smokey paprika or pimento used in crafting Spanish sausage. An easy drive from Avila, the town of Zamora holds a ceramic fair every June, where you can find excellent examples of characteristic Spanish crockery.

Of course, if you are looking for a day of serious shopping complete with arcades and malls, then you will need to catch a train and travel to nearby Madrid. Spain's capital city is less than two hours away and so with an early start and a late return, a full day trip here is really quite feasible with a little prior planning.

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